Training Programs

Take your business and strategic planning skills to the next level. Best-practice scenario planning methodologies for world-class executives!

One & Two Day Scenario Appreciation Courses

A highly participative and engaging introduction to using scenarios to identify new opportunities and unforeseen risks, this course takes participants on a learning journey covering a step-by-step insight into the key elements of the journey.


  • Learn through practical examples how scenarios add value to any organisation
  • Gain hands-on experience in building and evaluating scenarios for strategic insight
  • Assessing and developing strategic plans informed by scenario thinking

This program is ideal for those who wish to think about how and when to use scenarios in their own business environment, and how to turn them into practical use.

1/2 to Five Day Tailored Programs and Workshops*

The Neville Freeman Agency offers a suite of training options giving organisations the opportunity to tailor professional development according to the skills and competencies of their people and the demands of their environment.

Topics include:

  • Identifying future shocks
  • Responding to critical influences of change
  • Mapping key concerns and ideas for future developments
  • Building future scenario worlds
  • Execution of the strategic process
  • Business innovation
  • Developing business success formulas

* special team rates apply

Example Topic Areas

Scenario Planning Essentials
Linking scenario planning and strategic development
Exploring the micro, meso and macro parameters
Categorising events of the future
Connecting organisational learning, systems theory and scenario planning

The Learning QUEST Framework
Framework explanation
The 4 phases in detail
Scenarios as a learning tool
Foresight methods, techniques and tools
Identifying outcomes and the value it delivers for the whole organisation

Asking and Framing the Right Questions
Awaiting 'in-house' views about the future
Identifying the scope of enquiry
Choosing the time frame
Assessing preferred futures
Contesting the future

The Key Influences of Change
Systemic views of internal and external environments
Clustering trends, influences and dynamic tensions - the INSPECT process
Prioritising key influences and critical uncertainties - the IMPAXES process
Developing critical influence maps

Building Future Scenario Worlds
Confluence, uncertainty and plausibility
Timeline development and linking with the present
Scenario development – types and methodologies
Inner logic, differentiation, shocks and transformation

From Scenarios to Strategy
Mapping strategic response
Critical contingency analysis?Testing for robustness
Linking long and short-term into decisions frameworks
Sustainable strategic development implementation

Execution of the Strategic Process
The strategic audit – where are we now?
Thinking about the future and re-inventing the present
Engagement and social learning
Early warning indicators
Commitment to ongoing learning